Things I’ll Miss about the East Side of Cleveland: #2 Loganberry Books and Larchmere


Loganberry Books on Larchmere

I used to come to Loganberry Books on my days off to read history books about Cleveland and shop for used books. The inside of this little independent store is magical – the rolling ladders with classic book covers, the back reading section where the local educated elites come to discuss politics and their liberal literature, the women who work here and handle each book with great care.


Larchmere Boulevard is so interesting. It borders Cleveland proper and it buffers Cleveland from the affluent Shaker Heights. If you cross from west of N. Moreland to the east of N. Moreland, you will find yourself among mansions from the robber baron era. Larchmere is not located in a wealthy neighborhood – it is a wonderful and interesting intersection of two worlds. Barber shops and antique stores appear on the same block. Old world tailors and consignment shops draw people from many neighborhoods. Urban entrepreneurs and octogenarian restauranteurs grow their successful businesses.

I will miss the intersection of these many worlds on this street.


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