Six years ago…

I was getting ready to graduate from the University of Michigan

…I got a summer job in the engineering department by attending a free food event at the engineering school (I am not an engineer)

…I was finishing up my sociology paper on power and resistance entitled “Locating 2nd generation Asian Americans in Contemporary Society: Hip Hop as a Form of Resistance”

…I had an idea for yet another failed personal summer project with no follow up and little outside interest: The Ann Arbor Urban Hipster Project (The copy: “Piercings from Pangea, haircuts from Above Ground, glasses from SEE? New project! This project is NOT APA-HiP (APA History Project), but AAU-HiP! This town is hipster headquarters, from Village Corner (THE VC!) to Cafe Ambrosia. In my documentation of these funky ones, I will be making good use of polaroid cameras andĀ field guides.“)

…I had a nose piercing, an asymmetrical bob, blonde highlights, and little short hairs at the crown of my head that formed a little spiky splotch when I styled it correctly.

Who was I???


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